Breaking News ! is closing down!
As per today 27th May 2016, I've decided that I don't have enough time to maintain the site.
The site will be taken down within a month. To the ~500 monthly users, I'm sorry.

Hi, and Welcome !

Hi there, and welcome to Lanjelins signature generator for World of Warcraft.
After looking everywhere for a signature generator that would allow me to list all my characters in a nice and clean way,
I figured I'd just make one myself.

The signature generator will output images as the one below, depending on how many characters you add.
Ensure your character is viewable on the armory, before trying to add it here.

Should you encounter any errors/bugs, please report them to signature['at']

News !

Latest Updates

  • Done a few updates to improve stability when adding/refreshing characters.
  • Updated for WoD, lvl 100 cap added!
  • Changed how the character is fetched, it should greatly improve loading times when adding a character.
  • Is you image too wide, or small? Change it by linking to eg. lanjelin.500.png for 500px width.
  • Display of active talent tree has been added to your signature, click refresh on all your characters to add this.

To Do

  • CN Realms not working, waiting on a fix from Blizzard here.
  • Working on a total overhaul, no promises of when it's ready though.
  • Suggestions? I'd be happy to get some feedback =).